Live Streaming Frenzy – UpLive

Ok, has most of you guys know already from my past posts, that I am pretty much obsessed, yes, I think it has escalated to an obsession, with live streaming apps and software.  I just think they have so much potential, and now with internet speeds going up globally, as well as the hardware/infrastructure improving, live streaming is going to take off like a rocket.

Most of the live streaming apps and sites that I have mentioned have mostly focused on the English speaking population around the world, but I wanted to see what else was out there, and if it was non-English speaking, how it compares.  Well, as some of you may know, I spent almost 12 years in China, so I thought to search for a Chinese live streaming app from the Google Play store, and I found one.

The name of the app is UpLive, and it’s a splitting image from the app Live.Me, but kind of “dumbed down” a bit.  Seeing as how Live.Me is a Chinese company, it stands to reason that this Uplive streaming app is from the same developer.  The thing is, on the surface it might look like that, but we all know the Chinese love their replicas and copycat stuff, so, it might have just been another company ripping up Live.Me’s style.  Who knows, and who cares.

Anyways, I downloaded the app, and went about testing it out to see how it was.  Well, I kept crashing just before going live, so, not sure what that means.  My tablet isn’t the greatest, and neither is my internet, when it comes to live streaming, so, who knows why it crashes EVERY TIME I try to live stream.  It’s too bad, as I really wanted to give it a go and see the reaction of the mostly Asian crowd there.

So if I couldn’t stream, I wanted to see other streamers who were.  Most of them were young Asian girls, with a scattering of Asian guys.  I tried speaking English with them, but most of them, read, all of them, were not into it.  I understand Mandarin, and they were saying speak Chinese, and stuff like that.  So I got off not too long after that.

To sum it up, it’s a decent app, but it lacks quite a bit of the features that you are used to from the Live.Me app, but in the a pinch, to connect with a bunch of Asians on the other side of the planet, it’s good enough.  So, if you are ever in the market of finding some Asians out there in the internet world, why not give it UpLive a try?

Have fun.

Friendlife Review Based on a Younower


In my last post, I mentioned a bunch of different live streaming apps that you can use, to connect with different people from around the world.  Two of the apps/software/sites were Younow, and Friendlife.  I will talk about those two in this article, to give you my thoughts on it.


Off the top of my head, I’m not sure how long I have been using Younow, or when I first began live streaming on it.  It feels like a lifetime, but who knows.  Anyways, the one good thing I like about it is, you can stream from your PC cam.  That is good for someone like myself, who has a hugely crappy cam on my tablet, which is my only mobile device at the moment.  So for that reason alone, it scores HUGE positive points from me.  The main downside I see, and this is a pretty HUGE downside, is the fact they don’t pay or allow tips to the smaller broadcasters.  You have to be a partner with them, in order to get those perks.  Compare that with Friendlife and, it’s a huge bummer.

Which brings me to the other app/software/site that I want to compare Younow with, which is:


This is something I recently found out about through a viewer on one of my Younow broadcasts.  So with me totally into everything social media, I had to give it a try.  So I downloaded the app, and in addition, used my PC, which I said is the primary option for me, to setup my account.  The one thing I see with this is that you can become a partner pretty much right from the start, and that was the huge thing missing with Younow, as it stands right now.  The one downside that I see with Friendlife, and some maybe will view this as a good thing is, you can accumulate friends on here WAY too fast.

So even if your broadcasts are totally crap, just by you “liking” another person’s profile, chances are, they will like you back, and can build an army just by doing that.  I myself could care less about it, as I am more about quality than quantity, when it comes to live streaming, but to each their own.  The thing is though, when people are scoping around for broadcasts to watch, those inflated numbers people see are not reflective of the quality of the broadcast, so…it makes it a lot more difficult to find “good ones” to watch.

Sure there are other things people do to get the “clicks” such as the thumbnail stuff, but add an inflated number of friends to the mix as well, you just really don’t have any clear view as to the quality you are going to get.  You will just be clicking randomly on people, waisting a ton of time most likely, and ending up with the person you like to watch, and hour later or so.  This is where I really wish Friendlife can crack down on more, as the platform matures.

All in all, both platforms have their good and bad, so what I suggest, is to dip your toes in each, just in case one fizzles or whatever, you always have  backup to go to, in order to live stream to people you want to reach out to.  For now, I call myself a Younow, till things go to shit with it. lol

If you want to add me on any of those platforms, or other social media, just look for “RobertGatesC”, and I should pop up.  Would love to see you guys there, to chat about random stuff, and for me to reveal my sexy beard to y’all. lol

Live Streaming – My Take on it all

One of the things currently gripping a good portion of my time is live streaming.

For all of you that don’t know what I am referring to, picture a person talking in front of a camera, to many people who for the most part, only type back to you.  There are options for people to “guest” with you, where you “side by side” with the main person, to create a split screen effect on the broadcast.

There are many ways or things you can do on a medium like this, me, I prefer to keep my clothes on. lol  That of course, is one way of streaming, but most places will ban you in a heartbeat if they catch you, or if someone reports you.  So, this ain’t no cam girl stuff going on, if that is what you thought from the start.  This is where someone, mostly from their bedroom, will chat with people, about everything under the sun.

I personally like to create the feel of community within my broadcasts, as that puts the power into the viewers hands in terms of having dialogue with someone in the room, other than the person actually broadcasting.  And of course the next time these people come to the broadcast and see each other, it’s like seeing an old friend.  That is how I roll, and it seems people enjoy it as well, so, great all around.

Some of the places where I broadcast or would like to broadcast are:

  1.  Younow – App and desktop can be used to broadcast
  2. Friendlife – New app to me, where again, you can use it via an app, or desktop to broadcast
  3. – At the moment, only app, and I don’t currently broadcast on there, but I feel this has the best setup, and is constantly and rapidly improving their setup
  4. Youtube –  I personally haven’t used it yet, but maybe some time in the near future, just to give it a whirl.  For that, in my opinion, you NEED to have a set subscriber base already, whereas the other places you can acquire people via their system.  So for this, it’s a huge negative, at the moment
  5. Facebook Live – Haven’t used it yet, but have been encouraged to do so by different people.  Same as with Youtube, I believe it’s based on how many followers you have already on FB, which to me, I have quite a bit, but I find FB is dying out.  So, not sure what I will do with this, if anything
  6. Periscope – I think people still use it, but I don’t.  It came out before all of the above platforms, but seems to have fallen at the wayside for some reason
  7. Ustream – I really think this thing is dead.  Someone correct me if I am wrong.  They are pretty much the pioneers of livestreaming, to my knowledge, but man, they just failed to evolve into the app culture that has emerged since they created that.  RIP Ustream?

So yeah, if you are looking to talk with different people from around the world, or looking to push your name or brand out there more, I definitely think you or someone you get to, to start live streaming on one or multiple platforms from the above list.  It’s HIGHLY beneficial, believe me.

Hope this article helps at least one person.  If I know that, I will feel good that I didn’t just type all this out, in record time though, for nothing. lol




Welcome to

Here, I will take you on a magical adventure…blah blah blah. lol  Joking

Welcome to the site.  This site has went through a ton of reincarnations…hopefully this will be the last.  I plan on building this site up with information about myself, the things I am doing, and just general things that interest me about current news, and whatever else is floating around.

So, I hope you guys enjoy it, and for anyone who is too uptight or takes themselves too seriously, this might not be your cup of tea.