Homemade Tooth Pain Remedy – Expanded Version of What I do When I Have a Toothache

In my previous post about my tooth pain, I posted about things that I do to relieve myself of a toothache.  In this post, I will go into more details as to how I overcome (and hopefully will overcome) this huge problem.

Obviously, this is just a “stop gap” solution, but it is something that I am sure you can use to alleviate the pain, till you have a chance to visit a dentist.  The stuff I do are:

1.  Baking Soda.  This has been my saviour through all of this, because before I found out about this from an online post, I was really a wreck.  So, if you are going to reach for something during a “wave of pain” (which I will explain a little more after), you are going to want to reach for this.

What I do is, grab a spoonful of baking soda powder, or however much you want to prepare, and add a bit of water (any temp. will do).   Grab a Q-tip (cotton swab) and mix it around in a small bowl till it makes a paste.  Then with that same Q-tip, grab a chunk of this paste and put it to the affected area in your mouth.  Hold it there for a bit till your saliva mixes in with it, then remove the Q-tip.  Swish the salty solution around the area back and forth, and do this till you feel the solution is watered down a lot by your saliva.  After that, spit it out, and lightly rinse your mouth.

This right here, 9 times out of 10 (ok, 10 out of 10, but I didn’t want to brag or whatever lol), will relieve the tooth pain.

2.  Extra strength Tylenol.  If you do not have access to baking soda, grab an Extra Strength Tylenol.  You will need to let the drug do it’s thing before it kicks in, but depending on the severity of your toothache, it will last you for at least 4 hours or so.   And this is when I took 2 500mg tabs of the stuff, at the height of my tooth pain.

3.  Rubbing your head.  Let me explain.  For me, the tooth pain came in waves.  I would be ok for a little bit, then all of a sudden a shooting pain builds up and shoots for a minute or so, or at least it feels like this, so, what I do, is go to the washroom away from everybody (and other noise around you), and turn off the lights.  Then I start rubbing my head, on the opposite side of where the pain is.  So for me, the pain was all on the left side of my face, and head, so, I would rub the BACK of the opposite side of my head, till the pain subsided.

As an added bonus to this, I would use the other hand to make a “pinching” gesture to the top of my nose, close to my eyebrows.  This is I believe an accupressure move that helps to relieve pain.  These two together is pretty powerful if you don’t have the above two options available.

This is pretty much what I do, and to this day still do, when I get tooth pain.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I believe what I have is an exposed nerve, so that is the way I am going about it, until I have a chance to get a dentist to fix me up.  I will make a video of what I talked about here as well on my personal channel which you guys can check out if you learn stuff better by watching, rather than reading all of this.

Till next time.

Getting Rid of My Toothache – Remedy For a (Most likely) Exposed Nerve

For the past couple of weeks, I had to deal with constant tooth pain.  In times past, a swish of alcohol such as tequila did the trick, but for some reason, this thing is really stubborn.  After some trial and error stuff, and reading up on the internet, it looks like I am dealing with an exposed nerve.

Originally, I thought it was something that came up in the past, which was infection, but my gums are not inflamed, among other things.   So, my own diagnosis is exposed nerve.  Naturally, a remedy for this was needed, because being on pain meds the past couple of weeks, really has thrown my daily routine off.  I wanted to post a lot more posts on my blog here, but because of this, man, it really side-lined me.

So, after trying a few things, I finally found something that works, to an extent.  Baking soda.  There was an article posted on Yahoo, forgot the link for it, but it said, baking soda (in paste form), dabbed onto a cotton swab, and applied to the affected area.  Well, I did just that and it seemed to do the trick.  I did this multiple times each time I brought out the baking soda.

Think of the old remedy people talk about where you swish around salt water for a while.  With this, you are directly hitting the affected area, with a strong dose of baking soda.  Again, this remedy seems to be doing the trick as a stopgap for pain.  I am not sure what the results will be long term, as what I said before, I believe this is an exposed nerve, but we’ll see where it takes us. Naturally if anything happens, good or bad, I will post about it here.

So for now, the old homemade baking soda toothache remedy seems to be the trick.  In the future, I might post about other stuff I see online that might help you, but for now, this is the one I am going with.  Give it a shot as well if you are suffering from tooth pain, caused by an exposed nerve.  Heck, give it a try if you think you have an infected tooth, and see what happens.  It won’t hurt to try.

Good luck.

Personal Vlogs that I Watch on a Daily Basis

What do I watch on a daily basis?

I am really into personal vlogs, where you watch people go through their day, and follow them along their lives.  Most often than not, they are daily personal vlogs, which is nice because you have content to watch each and every day.  Without further wait, here are the ones I watch:

1.  Roman Atwood Vlogs (His channel HERE)

Roman Atwood Personal Vlogs

I am not sure how I found Roman’s vlog channel, but I am pretty sure it was through his prank channel, which is his main Youtube channel.  I actually prefer watching his personal vlogs channel better, as it shows his kids, his girlfriend, and all the other behind the scenes stuff.  It’s been about 1 year so, when I first started following him on Youtube, and it’s been a great ride.

He has grown so much as a person, and as a Youtuber.  He pretty much was a factory worker, that dabbled with filming stuff on the side.  The prank stuff took off, and the rest followed.  His thing, “Smile More”, which he put on various clothing items, and other merchandise, in his “Smile More Store”.  The message is positive, and that is a great thing to have nowadays.  Go check him out if you are into positivity, and if you love prank stuff.

2.  Gilroy Vlogs (His channel HERE)

Chase Gilroy Personal Vlogs

Chase (which is his first name) is Roman Atwood’s long time friend.  They grew up together in Ohio, and have been filming various stuff ever since.  It was Roman who encouraged Chase to get his own personal vlog channel going, and Chase has been killing it since.

His family consists of Veronica (his wife), Colin, Carson, and new addition, Eliza.  The stuff he does is mostly behind the camera, doing video work, editing, and a bunch of other creative stuff.  He started out rough when he got his vlog channel going, but since then, has really made something good with his channel. I enjoy watching it every day, and sometimes, I actually enjoy it more than Roman’s vlog.  But both are great to watch.

Just recently, he himself has tried to sell merchandise, with the “Gladiator” logo on clothes.  It’s a long way aways from catching Roman’s volume, but I think it is slowly growing, which is nice to see.  Also, he recently purchased the home he was renting, which might be partly credited to the work he has done with Roman, and the rest of the gang on Youtube.  I wish him nothing but the best.

There are a few other personal vlogs I watch on a daily basis, which I will mention in a later post.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Welcome to my New – Old Blog

Hey guys, it’s been a while.

I had this blog up and running a little while back, but due to some DDOSing by some “baddies”, it got knocked offline, without any backup to restore it.   I have learned my lesson, and now do frequent backups.   Let me explain why my site was DDOS’ed in the first place.

Going back about 8 years or so, I was trying to trade scrap materials online, while I was in China, and never really got going with it.  One day, I found a supplier in Russia that had some great prices, and everything pretty much checked out as legit.  So, with my buyer’s money, I purchased the items and had them “shipped” out.  Big mistake.  Turns out, those guys were scammers, and I (along with the buyer), had been had, and were out about $6000USD or so.

After that time, I kind of hid away, feeling bad that I got scammed, but later on, I decided to “fight back”.  I learned the way they scammed people, and looked for it in the places where I knew they would post stuff, and so on.  From there, I “attacked” them by warning others, to not buy from so and so, because they were scammers.  I did this via posts on my old RobertGeczi.com.

That is when the DDOS’ing, attacks to my cred. via forums posting that I scammed them (which was a lie), and emails warning me of consequences for my actions.  I fought a good fight, and warned a ton of people to stay away from them, which is why they fought me as hard as they did.  I was definitely making a dent in those Russian scammers’ wallet, which I felt redeemed for the money I lost to them before.

Fast Forward to today, where I am re-launching my site, with this first post.  Many more will come, of my writing about the stuff that interests me, what I am doing in my life at the time, and other cool stuff.

Stay tuned. ;)